A Sick Society

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Nurses: Not as valuable to society as bankers apparently. Picture © goodcatmum

So today it has been announced that because of continued ‘Austerity’, public sector workers will this year only get a 1% pay-rise – a cut in real terms with inflation at 2% – and because of particular financial problems at the NHS, 600,000 nurses and other essential NHS staff will not even be given that.* It’s funny isn’t it, how the government places little value on essential public services, and does its best to run them down, while at the same time, and in thrall to the City of London, George Osbourne fights tooth-and-nail to oppose EU legislation that may curtail bankers’ bonuses. So bankers are more valuable to this country than nurses? Really? Never mind they only make money for themselves, and never mind they were the cause of this huge financial mess in the first place (necessitating a tax-payer funded bailout that’s cost this country £1.3tr – that would have paid for a lot of nurses!)

No, with more than half its funding coming from the City of London, the Tory Party’s allegiances lie with the bankers; while being idealogically opposed to public services, they are doing everything they can to run down the NHS and convince us it’s no longer financially viable. However the NHS is only in financial difficulties because the Tories made it that way, due to the creation of Trusts and the insanity of PFI financing*. Vast amounts of cash are also getting lost in the privatisation of NHS services (often going to companies that are providing financial support for the Tories), while it’s also worth noting that due to the belief in ‘free-market’ economics, yet more NHS money gets wasted paying the salaries of ‘fat-cat’ administrators, with no fewer than 2,400 of them earning more than the Prime Minister!

The fabric of our society is being destroyed while we watch, and unless we can get  ourselves a government not corrupted by the power of money it can only get worse.

For more on how Party Funding is corrupting the political process, including NHS policy, click here.

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